Sounds Good

Glenwood loves music! Pick any street, any time of day and you won’t have to wait long to find out what your neighbors have on the playlist. Right now, I can hear “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” coming from a yard nearby, and dang if it don’t make me want to get up and dance. But first, let me share something.

This week, local duo Lowland Hum finished a successful Pledge Music campaign to raise funding for their new Four Sisters album (although they reached their goal, you can still pledge your support!) If you don’t know this music, get on board and give their sweet harmonizing a listen. If that doesn’t win you over, they also have sweet pink roses in their front yard.

The always awesome Laila Nur & Leksicon are starting a “super gay and glittery” east coast tour on June 21st at the Greenbean – if that description doesn’t make you feel excited, try on my favorite Laila Nur song and see how it fits. Know how I found out about this great local artist? Her name is scratched into the pavement on Glenwood Ave.

In Glenwood, music is alive in the thumping bass passing you by in a tricked out car with a friendly smile driving. It’s in the roar of justice from Cackalack Thunder parading down our streets. In intimate, live shows at Coffee and Books. In the recording studio at Legitimate Business. It’s the happy surprise of a live band at a quinceañera next door. It lives in hands of the drummer in front of the barber shop, the guitar players in parks and living rooms, the rigged up speaker-in-the-window sound system cheering on a backyard hangout. Yeah, sometimes it’s too loud and sometimes it goes on too late, but I wouldn’t trade the sound of our music for any other place. Thanks, Glenwood musicians and music lovers. You’re making Glenwood awesome.

p.s. who’d I miss? Leave a comment and let GIA know about what else is sounding good in the ‘Wood

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