Grove St. Mural @RizMartIf you’ve driven down Grove Street lately, you might have noticed the north wall of the Riz Mart taking on a new look. The Center for Community Engaged Design at UNCG has worked with Glenwood neighborhood members to conceptualize, design, and now actually paint a gorgeous mural right in the middle of “downtown” Glenwood. It’s already looking amazing, and if you’d like to be part of the action, CCED has invited neighbors to pick up a paintbrush and join in! They will be around on M-W-F afternoons for the next couple of weeks – check out this poster for more information . You can also find photos of the entire process here.

A ribbon cutting for the mural is planned for July 25 at 4pm.Glenwood+Mural+Progress


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  1. this is horrible. Who in Glenwood is responsible. It is practically monochromatic. It seems to celebrate all that is wrong with Glenwood and depicts only one race in a horrible negative light. I want it to go away. It is scary

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