If you’ve driven down Grove Street lately, you might have noticed the north wall of the Riz Mart taking on a new look. The Center for Community Engaged Design at UNCG has worked with Glenwood neighborhood members to conceptualize, design, and now actually paint a gorgeous mural right in the middle of “downtown” Glenwood. It’s […]


Greensboro is Neighborhoods

Loved seeing the neighborhoods feature in the News and Record – especially the Glenwood section where neighbors talked about what they love about our neighborhood. I hope this will¬†become a regular feature, reminding us all that there are important reasons we call our communities home. I have landed in a 1950s dream of neighbors who […]

Red Pot Care Instructions

1. Place in a sunny spot out front where rainfall will reach pot 2. Love your neighborhood If you’ve got a GIA Red Pot – or any of our “surprise colors,” and there are a few – you might be wondering what’s planted in it, and how to care for it. The original plan was […]

Sounds Good

Glenwood loves music! Pick any street, any time of day and you won’t have to wait long to find out what your neighbors have on the playlist. Right now, I can hear “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” coming from a yard nearby, and dang if it don’t make me want to get up and […]

Red Pots

The idea to place bright red flower pots on the steps of vacant Glenwood homes has been popular with someone! After only days or hours, many of the pots have gone missing. We can only conclude that not only do the pots pretty up an unoccupied dwelling, but are seamlessly making the transition into home […]

Something Good.

As part of UNCG’s expansion into our neighborhood, some of Glenwood’s houses are being demolished. In the fall of 2011, six homes scheduled for demolition were utilized by the Greensboro Fire Department as training practice and were burned. From a Yes Weekly article about that exercise: Captain Chuck Hall with the training division said the […]

We hope so.

¬† The streets of Glenwood are lined with many beautiful, historical houses. Some have been lovingly restored. Others have been given a modern renovation. And still others sit vacant. Waiting. For an owner, for a landlord, for a family, for a return to glory. Sometimes the wait ends because the house deteriorates beyond repair, or […]

Puppy Love

A neighbor found a lost dog while she was out and about today. His leash was broken and he was all alone, but she brought him home and gave him some water. In no time, other neighbors were in action to connect her to other people who could help. Not such a big deal, except […]

Happy in the ‘Wood

Our neighborhood – Glenwood – is full of happy people who love living here. You don’t always hear from them, but they are growing and thriving, street by street. They see our challenges. Like every community, we have our share. But the narrative of struggle sometimes drowns out the quieter stories of our actions, our […]