Red Pot Care Instructions

1. Place in a sunny spot out front where rainfall will reach pot 2. Love your neighborhood If you’ve got a GIA Red Pot – or any of our “surprise colors,” and there are a few – you might be wondering what’s planted in it, and how to care for it. The original plan was […]

Red Pots

The idea to place bright red flower pots on the steps of vacant Glenwood homes has been popular with someone! After only days or hours, many of the pots have gone missing. We can only conclude that not only do the pots pretty up an unoccupied dwelling, but are seamlessly making the transition into home […]

We hope so.

  The streets of Glenwood are lined with many beautiful, historical houses. Some have been lovingly restored. Others have been given a modern renovation. And still others sit vacant. Waiting. For an owner, for a landlord, for a family, for a return to glory. Sometimes the wait ends because the house deteriorates beyond repair, or […]