Red Pot Care Instructions

1. Place in a sunny spot out front where rainfall will reach pot

2. Love your neighborhood

If you’ve got a GIA Red Pot – or any of our “surprise colors,” and there are a few – you might be wondering what’s planted in it, and how to care for it. The original plan was to place pots on vacant homes in Glenwood, so we wanted plants that would stay pretty – thrive, even – with little to no attention. It gets hot in the summer here, lots of bright sun, and the chance of drought. We didn’t want to create a situation where someone had to visit and water the pots often (and up our chance of getting caught and ruining the mystery!) but we also didn’t want to create a brand new eyesore by leaving pots that would end up full of dead plants. SO, GIA pots are filled with mostly sedums. There are many varieties, you can find out more and try to identify yours here. Some of the most common plants we’ve used are Phedimus spurius, Sedum grisebachii, Sedum sieboldii, Sedum spectabile, and Sempervivum calcareum. You might find a few others that are similar in yours. They are started from cuttings, and they may be in the very early stages of rooting, so don’t repot or transplant them this year. What they all have in common is they will thrive in sunshine and don’t need much water – rain should be fine unless there is a very long dry spell. They are perfect for sunny front porches and steps, and we hope that’s where most of them will end up. We painted them red so they could be recognized from the streets & sidewalks, and we keep making them in hopes that the “Glenwood is Awesome” message spreads across our neighborhood and beyond!

p.s. please share this message widely in case recipients don’t see, don’t know about, or don’t have access to this page!


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  1. I just got home and had a red pot sitting my porch! Thank you for loving on us after our home was broken into. This really meant alot to us!

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