Sounds Good

Glenwood loves music! Pick any street, any time of day and you won’t have to wait long to find out what your neighbors have on the playlist. Right now, I can hear “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” coming from a yard nearby, and dang if it don’t make me want to get up and […]

Red Pots

The idea to place bright red flower pots on the steps of vacant Glenwood homes has been popular with someone! After only days or hours, many of the pots have gone missing. We can only conclude that not only do the pots pretty up an unoccupied dwelling, but are seamlessly making the transition into home […]

Happy in the ‘Wood

Our neighborhood – Glenwood – is full of happy people who love living here. You don’t always hear from them, but they are growing and thriving, street by street. They see our challenges. Like every community, we have our share. But the narrative of struggle sometimes drowns out the quieter stories of our actions, our […]