Something Good.

As part of UNCG’s expansion into our neighborhood, some of Glenwood’s houses are being demolished. In the fall of 2011, six homes scheduled for demolition were utilized by the Greensboro Fire Department as training practice and were burned. From a Yes Weekly article about that exercise:

Captain Chuck Hall with the training division said the burns are the best training firefighters receive, and that the buildings are inspected for asbestos first and if any is found it is removed.
“The paperwork that goes along with this is incredible,” Hall said. “It really encompasses every level of fire department training. If we aren’t allowed to train it is difficult for us to be prepared on the scene.”

2014-05-27 13.47.57This week, firefighters were again on the scene as the expansion project continues. Fire department vehicles were parked along Haywood Avenue at McCormick as a new class of firefighters practiced skills at opening roofs and walls. A firefighter on site said that opportunities to practice these skills on real housing materials is critical and valuable in life saving situations.

While it is sad to see beautiful buildings being destroyed, it is heartening to know that something potentially of real value to our neighborhood has come of it.

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